Saturday, July 15, 2006

Butt plugged by accident or design?

Has MTNL decided to block Or is it just a router problem? I have access to several ISPs. At home I use MTNL Broadband and Reliance. Since Friday (Bastille Day), neither has opened except through an anonymizer. Both allow open access to and wordpress, etc. So I can sign in, post, etc.
In office, I use Hathway cable (which also doesn’t allow access) and Airtel broadband, which does. According to pals in Mumbai, Cal, etc, VSNL and BSNL are both allowing unfettered access. I find it tough to imagine that it’s a GoI-imposed block because BSNL would be the first ISP to comply.
So Wilco Foxtrot Tango? Probably a router hassle of some description. No doubt it will be solved when sufficient numbers of people start jumping up and down.
Update 21:32 17/07.
It does indeed seem to be some sort of hamfisted buggery by government agencies. Updates flowing here and at a related wiki. With luck will hit a high technorati ranking fairly soon.
Since there are some 40-K odd Indian bloggers on blogspot alone and God knows how many on typepad and geocities, this DoS could be raucously entertaining. May even end up being a test case since we're by and large talking middle-class blokes with traction. I notice that the odd civil servants in the "blogger community" have been pushed into quiescience. Poor things!


Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Who are these civil servant boggers? Bluggers? Bloggers!


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