Sunday, May 21, 2006

Leonardo's Code

Extract from The Leonardo Code, which is much more fun and far better written than the Dan Brown abortion. As with all of Pratchett's work, you actually have to have brains and a certain amount of education to start LoL. And then, you begin to think.

Leonard brightened up as a thought apparently struck him. ‘Now you asked me to construct some more ciphers for you. I'm sorry, my lord, but I must have misunderstood your requirements. What was wrong with the first ones I did?'
Vetinari sighed. 'I'm afraid they were unbreakable, Leonard.'
'But surely-'
'It's hard to explain,' said Lord Vetinari, aware that what to him were the lucid waters of politics were so much mud to Leonard. 'These new ones you have are…merely devilishly difficult?'
'You specified fiendishly, sir,' said Leonard, looking worried.
'Oh, yes.'
'There does not appear to be a common standard for fiends, my lord, but I did some research in the more accessible occult texts and I believe these ciphers will be considered "difficult" by more than 96 percent of fiends.'


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