Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I am underwhelmed. Sometime in the recent past, two of my pals randomly linked to this thingy.
As a result random hordes of people wandered in from all parts of the globe. Some of them even came back. Whyfore?

Anyway this is a non-blog. I grabbed the url to prevent somebody else from doing this (this form of identity theft has actually occurred to me - some bloke from West Virginia once opened an email id on verizon and started mailing people with (rather good) investment advice saying he was me.)

That led to major buggery because all the people I had refused to offer advice to got offended and demanded to know what they should do with their ill-gotten gains.

I am a refusenik I refuse to offer investment advice, I refuse to blog and I refuse all offers of employment.

But I didn't want somebody to set up a blog in my name and burble nonsense. Now I am informed by She who must not be named that if I don't occasionally post, blogspot will take this url away. I don't believe it. However here we go.

If I have thots on a subject and I cannot figure out how to bullshit somebody into paying me to write them down, I might put it down here .

Live in hope!


Blogger Just Mohit said...

"I grabbed the url to prevent somebody else from doing this". Good move mate! But what if they grabbed your url on wordpress, typepad, blogsome, et al???
Also, why do I need to have a blogger identity to comment on your blog?

3:46 PM  
Blogger DD said...

Easy enough - I already own a bit of turf where I can keep insisting that I'm the real me. That's what I did with the verizon bullshit. It would be just as absurd to stake out over every free bloghosting service as it would to take over every free e-mail service.

As to the blogger id - maybe that was the default setting when I put it up. Guess they want more people to sign up.

Not really interested in comments so won't bother to change it.

4:58 PM  

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